Dienstag, August 29, 2006

First downloadable release 0.02

I just uploaded the first ready-to-use package of the MySQL Index Analyzer (version 0.02). You can download it via http://bismarck.shipdown.de/mia/mia_0.02.zip or click on the "Downloads" link in the sidebar.

This is still a command-line only version, but the DDL generation support has been enabled again.

To use the package, just download and unzip into a new directory. For use on Linux make sure you chmod the "mia" script to make it executable. On both Windows and Linux you have to have a java executable on your path. If you have not, edit the "mia" or "mia.cmd" script to include the full path.


Anonym hat gesagt…


your cmd file for windows (mia.cmd) is not working.
change the path separator to the ; instead of : and it will work.


Daniel Schneller hat gesagt…

Thank you very much. Seems code cannot be too short for copy/paste bugs ;-)