Freitag, September 15, 2006

More refactoring is on the way

On the way to a modular design I refactored the source to provide the output through rendering modules. The text output is the first one of those. So from the end-user perspective nothing has changed with the version 0.03 package available now (except that it has grown bigger).

The larger download is however mostly caused by more libraries being included, especially those for the graphical interface that I have just begun. Currently it only provides a login view which lets you connect to the database. However no analysis can be started yet. If you want to have a look at what I intend to let the GUI look like, just modify the main class in the launcher script to de.shipdown....gui.MySQLIndexAnalyzer. I will try to get the first graphical version to actually show something soon.

As for the previous version: To use the package, just download and unzip into a new directory. For use on Linux make sure you chmod the "mia" script to make it executable. On both Windows and Linux you have to have a java executable on your path. If you have not, edit the "mia" or "mia.cmd" script to include the full path.

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