Sonntag, Oktober 08, 2006

Stored Connections, Improved Size Estimates

The current SVN trunk revision contains two interesting changes which however I have not put into a new package, because they are not final (enough ;)) yet.

What has been happening recently is

  1. Stored Connections

    I have implemented stored connection profiles, mostly because I had to enter the login data each an every time I ran the app to test something. This is based on the Java Preferences API which in this case uses a simple file backend. Currently passwords are stored in plain text, so please be careful not to save anything important should you decide to try it out.

    In order use the new feature, you will find a new button in the connection dialog to store the data currently shown. To load a saved session, just select it from the drop down combobox.

  2. Improved size estimate for InnoDB

    Based on Peter Zaitsev's article about the MySQL Optimizer and InnoDB primary keys I changed the calculation of the index size for InnoDB tables. I knew this before, but had not thought about integrating it into the Index Analyzer.

    To get more details read the MySQL manual and of course Peter's article. The main point however is that InnoDB indices other than the primary index always contain the primary index columns as an (implicit, invisible) suffix, so large primary keys can increase any other index's size significantly. This is now considered when calculating estimated savings.

I will try to get a new package ready soon, however I am preparing for a vacation, so it might be delayed a little.